We are all experiencing a particular moment, there is no doubt. The concerns that afflict hoteliers and the tourism sector in general are manifold. At the same time, there is a great desire to start again.

As for all hotels and accommodations, we have compiled a list with 12 tips to follow right now until the full recovery of activities.

Published on May 15, 2020


  1. Set an opening date and keep your opening commitments.
  2. Refund the deposits for those who cancel. If there is an agreement with the customer, provide a voucher with a stay without validity limits (or at most to be used in the 12 months following the booking date).
  3. Contact again if you can all those who have canceled to communicate that you hope to have them again.
  4. If you can contact all those who book, thank and provide information. You can also contact them periodically (avoiding stalking ☺) so cancellations will be minimized and you will prepare for good judgments.
  5. Start immediately to do business through your channels by saying that you will open soon (giving the date decided) and emphasize your desire to welcome (site, FB, database and whatever channel you have).
  6. Be very careful about the low and medium season starting rates especially in the first phase: start well, with a soft rate in the first period, without panicking and filling up at lower rates than last year. Do not lower the high season rates.
  7. June will still suffer from a slow booking; we expect a recovery in the following months, especially in September. (This means that we will have many more reservations under date and it is there that you must be very careful not to "sell off" your accommodation.)
  8. There will be strong "domestic" demand, so weekends and peak seasons will be in great demand.
  9. Do not close the dates on the portals and be present with the rates entered for at least the next 12 months.
  10. Do not apply Not Refundable, deposits and other types of restrictions.
  11. Post Covid-19 customers will be sensitive (especially in the aftermath of the recovery) and willing to give very positive judgments that will raise the brand reputation.
  12. Communicate "security" to customers: in addition to the beauty of your area, the services you offer and the advantages of staying in your facility - communication must focus on the security that your hotel can offer. You will have to communicate that you are respecting the rules that have been imposed to guarantee a "safe" stay for your customers.

Fabio Morandin

CEO at MoreHotelier, Outsourced Revenue Management