Helping hoteliers to digitally set up their Hotel Operations. Take your hotel group from paper to digital in 20 minutes.


CHARTOK - Hotel Collaboration Software


Main Features:


Instant Inbox: It´s like an email but without emails. Promote communication across multiple teams with an email-like system, keeping desk and non-desk employees online.

Task Management: Track issues, workflows, task and more, so you can keep your hotel frontline work on schedule, custom build for hotel managers.

Permission Management: Let users perform management tasks in your digital workplace by giving them one or more administrator roles.

Welcome Aboard: Make new hire’s first day simple easy with onboarding process, saving time, user adoption and Improve productivity.

Share Files: Access all type of files and documents by user and per department, customise documents distribution for each employee.

Vendors Management: Keep track and control of vendors under your own terms including renewal and reminders with our alerts and notifications


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